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First Kiss video by Tatia Pilieva.

Amateur filmmaker Tatia Pilieva has posted a video on YouTube that has caused a mellow sensation as well as a divide amongst its viewers. Tatia decided to capture the significance of a kiss by pairing off the 20 people taking part and filming their first kiss, which happens straight after their first meeting.

Each person taking part is aware of what they have to do. They know to kiss each other, they know to do it in front of the camera. Therein follows a little awkward skirting around the situation, as each member of each couple becomes self-conscious, nervous and unsure.

First Kiss video by Tatia Pileva.

First Kiss video by Tatia Pilieva.

The video is under four minutes long, but was enough to produce Twitter reactions ranging from delight, verbalised cringes and amusement. For the most part, viewers found the video heartwarming and touching. Take a look at the video yourself below.

Tatia took to Twitter to thank everyone for their support, as well as those she termed the ‘dear hearts’ who volunteered to be part of the project.


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