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I hear about miracle creams all the time and either they’re not a miracle, they’re not a miracle for me or the magic just doesn’t happen. I’m obsessed with Algenist Elevate cream. It’s smoke and mirrors, a stadium full of magic show in one pot. It took me a while to try it, now I look forward to waking up – that’s how good it is!


Algenist Elevating Cream

It’s a whipped sculpting cream so first of all you notice that the texture seems thick but it’s so super whipped it goes into your skin in one gorgeous melt and in ten minutes your skin really does elevate. It says it takes 10 days to sculpt. I would say it takes less.

Can you imagine a cream claiming it takes longer to work than it actually does? I love its modesty. I love everything about it. It’s one cream that does the job of a very expensive facial with a full laser show. It immediately improves the appearance of skin elasticity. It plumps out cheeks and sucks in squidgy bits. It contours. What’s actually going on is Alguronic acid and tripeptide–2 combine in a glycoprotein matrix to instantly reinforce a firmer skin structure. The technology discovered provides a continuous and extended activity of peptides keep on working.

I believe in instant gratification so if a magic cream is only going to be magic in 3 months it has long since left my bathroom. So it was with great excitement that I received Algenist’s Illuminating Duo. This is like photo-shop for the face. Tiny little drops that go on after moisturising, before or after foundation act as super optical diffusers. You apply to the bridge of the nose, cheekbone and brow bones and you have the kind of highlighting that looks beyond make- up artist. It looks like part of a Demarchelier shoot that’s art gallery ready. The glow which is either rose, a glowing pink or champagne, a golden fizz, lights up the face, the skin. It blurs the appearance of pores, fine lines, wrinkles and you don’t have to be a genius with colour to apply it. It just works.


Algenist Illuminating Duo

I was remembering that a glossy magazine once tried to force me to have a make under and at the same time they picked another person who was known for her pyjamas at the school gate, pyjamas at the coffee shop, the no make-up applied ever lifestyle, whereas I wouldn’t go to Tesco without lipstick. I’m not saying that all that’s entirely changed but we all like less make up in the summer in case we get heat clogged. I will say I’ve been known to leave the house wearing just the Algenist Elevate cream which already sculpts and smooths the skin way better than me with foundation and ancient brushes and the Luminising Drops. I haven’t actually started the day without lips on but I have discovered that QMS’s lip line corrector actually doubles up as a very effective non stingy, super juicy yet natural lip plumper. It’s all in the glow.

Algenist Luminating Drops £22.00 / Elevate cream £78 / Lip plumper £150 QMS

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