All Churned Up

Mimi ON Oct 10, 2011 AT 10:01 am

The Churned

The Churned

It’s not often a good looking boyband come out of nowhere (unless they’re put together by Tulisa), however Yeo Valley’s The Churned popped up on my newsfeed over the weekend with their new song “Forever” and I’m in love.

Who are they? Farmers from Somerset with a penchant for cows, tractors and yoghurt.

Why should you love them? Because they’re hot, have eyes you could swim in and can pull off wellies.

Where they came from? Well, this is the funny bit as the band were actually concocted for Yeo Valley’s X Factor Advert (remember the one with the rapping last year – of not click here).

Anyone else hope they stick around??

Watch their awesome video below:

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