BATD’s Favourite Super Bowl Ads

Mimi ON Feb 09, 2012 AT 10:17 am

Sketchers Super bowl

Sketchers French Bull Dog

This Super Bowl was filled with its fair share of hilarious commercials, many relying on the use of celebrity appearances and fluffy animals to sell their product.

Man’s best friend headlined in both a Volkswagen commercial, where a chubby pup slims down, and a Budlight commercial featuring a pound puppy named “We Go”, who fetches a brew for anyone who beckons his name. Skechers employed cute tactics as well in an ad in which a French bulldog moonwalks across a race finish line wearing four miniature tennis shoes.

Doritos expanded its collection of commercials with an ad featuring a cat-killing dog that uses Doritos as a bribe and another in which a baby is placed in a slingshot to fetch the cheesy snack from his older brother.

Celebrities from John Stamos to Adriana Lima also shared the screen at commercial breaks. Clint Eastwood starred in a Chrysler ad with a serious tone while Jerry Seinfeld takes on Jay Leno in an Acura commercial. Matthew Broderick paid homage to famous Ferris Bueller scenes in a Honda CR-V commercial, which you can watch here…


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