BATD ON Apr 10, 2014 AT 10:15 am

Dove Beauty Patches.

Dove Beauty Patches.

Watching this video is sure to change your perception of beauty. We’ve all had those days, the ones where your hair is kinking in exactly the wrong way, where a blemish has appeared in exactly the most inconvenient place, where your eyes are watering your mascara down the side of your cheek. Even the tiniest thing, that no one else will be able to see, can turn the tamest of days into an ugly day. It doesn’t mean that we look horrific, it doesn’t mean that people will see us any differently, it just means for that moment in time, for some reason, we let ourselves feel less beautiful.

This is how Dove has proved that beauty is a state of mind. Take what you learn on board, and know that every day can be a beautiful day, bad hair or not.

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