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Benedict Cumberbatch appears on Sesame Street

Benedict Cumberbatch appears on Sesame Street

We have seen Benedict Cumberbatch in all sorts of guises within the past few years. From the regal commanding officer galloping over battlefields in Spielberg’s War HorseĀ to the lead in the now cult classic Sherlock. Save for interviews it is rare that we see him appear on the screen devoid of character costume and makeup. But this he did, in one of the best-loved shows in America. Well…best-loved by viewers of a certain…single figures age.

Benedict took his dapper self to the studios of Sesame Street and filmed a cheeky little cameo. It seemed he hadn’t bargained for the tough task that was ahead, when he was faced with the problem-solving conundrum of quantifying the amount of fruit that was presented before him by ‘Murray-arty’. Luckily though, Count-Von-Count was there to help him…well…count! Watson eat your heart out.

Take a look below as Benedict Cumberbatch makes hisĀ Sesame Street debut. Warning, if you were head over heels for him before, you’ll be endeared even further by this little gem.

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