Cute Alert: Mother and Cub Meet Again

BATD ON Aug 15, 2013 AT 3:41 pm

We quite simply couldn’t resist sharing this oh-so-sweet video with you.

Baby and mother panda reunited

Baby and mother panda reunited

Mummy panda and baby had been separated due to complications with the cub after birth – which meant that the little cutie had to be raised in an incubator for round-the-clock monitoring.

But worries over, the pandas needed to readjust. They were first introduced with a cage separating them – allowing for zoo staff to assess their initial reactions, before finally allowing them to meet face to face.

Here’s how it went

The little baby panda currently resides at Taipei City Zoo where there will soon be a campaign for the public to name her. The final result, and naming ceremony is expected to be announced on October 26th.

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