Dove’s New Camera-Shy Campaign

BATD ON Jul 11, 2013 AT 10:05 am

Have you ever looked in a mirror and wondered if the reflection staring back at you is the same as that which other people see when they look at you? I often wonder whether the features that I find fault with are amplified due to my hyper-awareness, or whether they really are just ‘at odds’ to the rest of my face?

Well, as a follow up to the emotive, eye-opening video, ‘Real Beauty Sketches’, which went viral earlier this year and has had over 55 million hits thanks to its exploration of the ways in which women describe themselves to strangers in contrast to how they actually look, Dove is at it again.

Continuing to pinpoint womanly insecurities, this time from behind a camera, Dove’s global research team has discovered that digital photography is making women feel more anxious about their looks than ever before. 

Dove ‘Camera Shy’ Campaign

A high percentage of beautiful girls are seen hiding from the camera, deleting perfectly good photos, or digitally altering their already perfect pictures before posting them for others to see. As if your Facebook friends don’t already know how gorgeous you are!

However, these insecurities extends far further than to some minor photoshop airbrushing because it seems that many women are missing out on what life has to offer because they are too busy scrutinizing themselves – and the majority are so concerned about their appearance that it prevents them from capturing precious memories such as beach holidays or even their own wedding.

Dove ‘Camera Shy’ Campaign

Dove is committed to reinstating beauty as a source of confidence rather than an anxiety-provoking issue, and as such,  the beauty behemoth is hoping to help no less than 15 million women recapture the feeling they had when they were young, confident, and fearless in front of the lens – so lights, camera, action ladies.

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