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Dita Von Teese for Cointreau

Dita Von Teese for Cointreau

As the global ambassador of liqueur brand, Cointreau Privé, and one of the most recognisable beauty mavens in the world, burlesque star Dita von Teese has been a very busy woman! Coming out with her own beauty book next year, perfume, makeup line, and two lingerie lines is enough to keep any person busy. We got the chance the sit down with the glamorous Dita and see how she does it all.

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Being the ambassador for Cointreau Privé has been highly successful so far. What’s next?

Last year we held a speakeasy type bar in Paris that was so successful that we decided to bring the same idea to London. It will be open at the end of November, and you can gain access by becoming a member online. It will have a real underground speakeasy vibe, very much like my home, things from my collection such as clothing and household pieces.

Rumour has it that you are working on a beauty book?

I have been working on it for quite a while now. What I really wanted to do was a step by step beauty guide, and show people how to get red carpet looks and go through it step by step starting with no makeup and straight hair. I only use makeup and hair artists for special photo shoots and magazines; I don’t have a glam squad that I travel with. I feel very strongly about doing it myself because I love the art of self-creation.

Could you give us a tip from your book as a tease?

I really get into a lot of different topics into the book. There is lots of history about how things were invented. It’s mostly about embracing who you are, and not just relying on the way you were born. You can create something extraordinary, and not try to fit into the mould of everyone else.

I never felt like I could fit into modern standards of beauty, and had insecurities about trying to be an American beauty. That’s how I started to play with hair and makeup tools and learning how to create an old Hollywood style makeover.

Do you get your inspiration from particular people or things in your life?

I love old movies, looking at Rita Hayworth and Marilyn Monroe, I love looking at photos of them and seeing the little touches of glamour that can change everything. My book is really about the fact that glamour doesn’t belong to Hollywood, or the rich it’s for every woman.

Dita Von Teese enjoying Cointreau

Dita Von Teese enjoying Cointreau

Fans love your beauty looks, and it’s even more impressive that you do it yourself. Do you have a daily routine that you live by?

My dermatologist and I have always talked about products, one of my favourites being Crème de la Mer, which is expensive but I love it. And if you love the product, the texture, the way it makes your skin feel then it’s worth it. I know it’s not going to change my life, there’s no such thing as a miracle cream, but buy what you like for your skin. He also mentioned great things like, instead of towelling right after you get out of the shower, put on your lotion when your skin is moisturised, because if you wait until 20 minutes later, you might as well not have done it at all.

You live in Paris and Hollywood but come to London often as well. Do you have any must-see things when in town?

The Moschino store is a favourite and I always get excited to go there because of the designs, I also try to see Steven Jones for hats, and go to restaurants with friends, lunch at Claridge’s and all of the classic London sights.

Your style is made up of vintage but you’ve also noted the importance of using a tailor when wearing vintage. Why is a tailor a key part of your wardrobe?

Because I have dressed in vintage for so long, I always can see what a pinch of waist or raising of hemline can do for a dress. Expecting clothes to fit off the rack is not realistic. I started wearing vintage because I couldn’t afford expensive dresses, but it gives you the power to take a dowdy 40s dress to something that people will think looks like Galliano.

How was burlesque evolved since your beginnings?

When I started in the 1990s, most people didn’t understand what I was doing in strip clubs and fetish clubs. The audience has changed from men and alternative people, to now being the majority of female fans. It’s really an amazing evolution to see how women are embracing their own power and seeing a different form of beauty and sexuality.

Future plans in your life?

I am really excited because there are so many things that I have been working on for a long time. I am working on 2 lingerie lines, coming out with a makeup line, perfume, and beauty book. It’s amazing to see all of the things that I have always had an interest in I have found a way to get to do it and share with my fans.

The Cointreau Privé’s unmarked doors will be grandly opened by Dita herself on 29th November.  Taking to the stage for a much-anticipated, ultra-exclusive UK performance, Dita will unveil the opulent cocktail lounge to a select audience of just 300 people. It’s strictly guest-list only but places for the Cointreau Privé can be applied for www.cointreauprive.co.uk. However for a chance to win tickets to the opening night visit Cointreau’s Facebook page, clicking on the Privé tab.

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