Louis Smith Talks Men’s Clothing Staples

BATD ON Jan 04, 2013 AT 11:11 am

All those weeks sporting sparkly numbers on Strictly Come Dancing seem to have gone to Louis Smith’s head as the Olympic gymnast announces his interest in creating his own fashion line. 

Louis Smith

In light of the upcoming London Collections: Men, the British Olympian explained,  ”I have a lot of clothes in my head that I’d like to wear, but that I don’t see out there, so I’m really interest about trying to get into fashion and perhaps starting my own range.”

But whilst we’re imagining that Louis’ line might err on the side of skin-tight lycra, slit to the belly-button shirts and shimmering sequins, the Strictly Come Dancing winner revealed in a film promoting the men’s showcase, that the real secret to looking stylish is a well-tailored  suit,

“You’ve got to look fresh in a suit, you’ve got to be able to busy it out. Skinnies are also key, as are nice ties – you need a good selection. In Peterborough, where I’m from, I get some funny looks for the things I decide to wear, but in London anything goes.”

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