Film Trailer: Ginger & Rosa

Mimi ON Oct 08, 2012 AT 1:10 pm

Ginger & Rosa

Directed by British auteur Sally Potter, Ginger & Rosa tells the story of two inseparable teenage girls. The film features well-known names such as Christina Hendricks and Elle Fanning, who plays Ginger. Set in the early 1960s, the film follows Ginger (Elle Fanning) and Rosa (Alice Englert), as they play truant together, discuss love, religion and politics and dream of lives bigger than that of their mothers’ dull domesticity. But, as Ginger’s parents fight and pull away from each other, and the threat of nuclear holocaust escalates, the lifelong friendship of the two girls is tested.

Ginger & Rosa is playing at this year’s BFI London Film Festival on 13th and 15th October,  and is out in UK cinemas on 19th October.

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