Fashion Foie Gras

BATD ON May 11, 2010 AT 12:36 pm

Fashion Foie Gras

You aren’t here to read about me, you just want to know what I think about anything and everything fashion orientated.

But just to put you in the picture, I’m an American turned Brit who’s constantly between cities, soaking up style from far flung locations across the globe. I spend a lot of time flying to Los Angeles -a place that’s a feast for styling eyes. London comes a close second, though, both in heart and soul. You can wear anything there, and I mean anything. How liberating. I work in PR – is it just me or does everyone say they work in PR these days? – and stand head and shoulders above the rest, probably because I’m easily over 6ft 4in in heels!

Twitter: @fashionfoiegras

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