Helena Bonham Carter’s Newest Role

Mimi ON Apr 16, 2012 AT 12:44 pm

Helena Bonham Carter in Wainwright's latest music video

What happens when you combine three Rufus Wainwrights and a straight-laced Helena Bonham Carter? Apparently, a library full of dirty deeds.

Helena Bonham Carter, famous for her movie career, makes her way into the music industry as a lip-syncing librarian in Rufus Wainwright’s newest music video, “Out of the Game“.

In the four minute clip, Bonham Carter plays an antsy librarian anxiously awaiting the arrival of her newly-purchased mattress. While attempting to occupy her time, she finds multiple versions of Wainwright throughout the stacks, including a Kurt Cobain-esque Wainwright and a female Wainwright dressed to impress in a bold red skirt and high heels. The video culminates in a clothed menage a trois between Wainwright’s multiple personalities and Bonham Carter happily reading in her mattress while scantily clad.

Wondering how such a pairing came about? Wainwright told The Sun he has been friends with Bonham Carter for years, and the video is a bit of a career move.

“Not only is she very beautiful, very glamorous, but she is also incredibly funny. At the end of the video, she is basically wearing a bra. So I very much appreciate her friendship for furthering my career.”

“Out of the Game” is the first single from Wainwright’s upcoming album of the same name. The album is produced by hit-maker Mark Ronson and is set to be released in the UK on 23 April.

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