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Jennifer Lawrence and Damien Lewis

Jennifer Lawrence and Damien Lewis

Jennifer Lawrence is seemingly beloved by all for her fresh face, wide smile and total disregard for Hollywood etiquette and feigned refinement. Her graceful tumble on the stairs at last year’s Oscars resulted in a mock Dior campaign celebrating her humility, and her photo bombs this awards season are making more headlines that the Beckhams combined.

Her latest heart-warming antic comes in the form of an interview with Access Hollywood reporter Shaun Robinson. At first Jennifer spies Damien Lewis standing across from her, and is visibly starstruck from her obsession with hit TV series Homeland. Shaun Robinson then makes the mistake of revealing one of the plot lines from Season 3, when Jennifer has only seen Season 1 and Season 2. You might expect an A-List Hollywood star to hold tight and pass by the blunder with little more than a blink, but not Jennifer. Check out her reaction below. (WARNING do not watch if you too are avoiding any Homeland Season 3 spoilers!).

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