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Matthew Perry appeared worlds away from his carefree alter ego, Friends character Chandler Bing, when he appeared on BBC’s Newsnight last night alongside host Jeremy Paxman, former social worker Baroness Meacher and Mail on Sunday journalist and anti-drug campaigner Peter Hitchens.

The actor appeared on the show to argue in favour of drug courts, which look to deal with abuse-related crimes by first time offenders, and previously non-violent drug users. These courts would use former addicts as lay magistrates. Peter Hitchens riled Perry as he began, and continued to voice his firmly held beliefs that addiction was a mere fantasy, that drug users have the will power to resist, that they choose to ignore.

Matthew Perry, who has previously debated the issue of drugs with the likes of Russell Brand, and has publicly battled drink and drug abuse himself, appeared visibly astounded by Hitchens’ remarks and volleyed back on each point with his own case.

It was reported that the two men had to be escorted out of the studio via different exits when the show had ended.

Watch the discussion below.

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