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Beyonce: Partition

Beyonce: Partition

Yesterday Beyonce released her brand new music video for sassed-up single ‘Partition’. The video begins with the pop queen apparently taking a decadent breakfast in a large country house, gazing languorously at the newspaper reader sitting across from her. As the beat heats up so does the video. It adopts a 20s sexy show girl theme that evolves with influences of burlesque. Jay Z makes frequent little appearances, sitting in the back of a car with his wife, or watching her alone from audience seats as she holds a show on stage. Watch their Grammy’s performance of ‘Drunk In Love’ together here.

The video has caused quite a stir with its provocative nature, with both the dancing and Bey’s outfits erring on the side of explicit. It’s one of our favourite show girls at her best. Take a look below.

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