BATD ON Nov 04, 2013 AT 12:29 pm

by Annie Vischer

One Direction

One Direction

Things are getting sentimental in the brand new One Direction video released yesterday. Their latest single Story of My Life is the second title to be released from their album Midnight Memories. The track bounds along with elements of folk music and Mumford and Sons-esque sincerity. Gone are the bopping boys of Live While We’re Young and Kiss You, and in their place arrive four slightly older looking guys with a dedication to their families.

Whilst the song itself references a nameless girl, the video shows the boys surrounded by photographs of their childhood. One picture is selected for each band member, wherein those featured in the photo appear in the present day, frozen in time as the boys sing. We see Niall playing guitar with his brother, Liam posing before a special night out with his family, Louis smiling during an evening in with his parents and grandparents, Zayne standing a head taller than his sister, and Harry snuggled on the sofa with his mother.

We know any video offering would have been certain to please the famed One Direction fan set, but BATD can honestly own to be more than a little melted by this heartwarming number. As in we may…or may not…have had the track on repeat all the way to work this morning. Shhhh! That’s between us and you.

Take a look at the brand new video below:

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