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Keira Knightley and Adam Levine in Begin Again.

Keira Knightley and Adam Levine in Begin Again.

From director John Carney comes a story of music and reinvention. Mark Ruffalo stars as Dan, a dejected music business executive, whose lax attitude to his profession sees him kicked out of the industry he once thrived in. On the other side of the fence, Keira Knightley is the girlfriend of up and coming music star played by established music star, Maroon 5′s Adam Levine, who suddenly makes it big and leaves her behind to pursue his way to the top. Feeling betrayed, but undramatic in her ways, Keira’s character Greta takes to the stage at an open mic night and sings her troubles away. Dan happens to be in the bar to catch Greta’s rendition, and becomes inspired to put the beer bottle down and make her a star. Next follows a trail of attempts to record whenever and wherever they can.

This one’s worth seeing if only for the perfectly on point cameos. James Corden, Hailee Steinfeld, Adam Levine, and Cee Lo Green all star in this heart warming and refreshingly down to earth tale.

Begin Again hits UK cinemas in July, watch the trailer below for a taste of what’s to come.

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