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You’d be forgiven for having flashbacks to the first Hunger Games¬†movie when you come to get your head around new blockbuster¬†Divergent. Not only does the leading lady (Shailene Woodley) bear a striking resemblance to the loveable Jennifer Lawrence, but the sci-fi uber-state controlled setting is the premise for the storyline, there’s a lot of combat training involved and our normally ‘nice lady’ role actress Kate Winslet takes on the role of a nasty and sinister official, just like Elizabeth Banks did. Though, fortunately for Kate she has been allowed to stick to a wardrobe palette of black, in contrast to Banks’ rather multi-coloured/clown-like affair.

The story follows Beatrice Prior (Woodley), a teenager with a special mind belonging to the sort that an authoritarian leader seeks to exterminate.

Divergent is released in cinemas in March. Take a look at the full trailer here.

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