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Upcoming movie Her centres its storyline around the relationship between a thoughtful man and a computerised operating system. It almost acts as a dystopia for the effect the new modern world of technology has had on relationships. Here the creators of the film, actors, crew and key modern influences discuss the subject in a touching,  moving and insightful documentary on love in the modern world.

Her centres its storyline around Theodore Twombly, who makes his living by writing thoughtful letters for the use of others. He begins using a high tech, advanced operating system, which promises to act as it’s own entity that is individual and unique to each different user. Twombly’s system is called Samantha and is voiced by Scarlett Johansson in the film.

During the course of the movie, Twombly inevitably becomes more involved and connected to his operating system, Samantha, and begins to view her as a human being. He navigates the practicalities and emotional pitfalls of such humanlike interaction with a piece of technology, and the lines become blurred just as much to the cinema audience as they do to the characters in the film.

Considering the reception it has already received in Hollywood, this is a must-see. Amy Adams and Rooney Mara also star, and its UK release date is 24th January 2014.

Take a look at a behind the scenes montage that fuses clips from the film with production shots seen as though through a vintage camera. It is set to words from the film, and the combination is eerily moving.

And take a look at the trailer here…

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