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James Franco in Palo Alto.

James Franco in Palo Alto.

James Franco, it is fair to say, is a pretty multi-talented guy. He acts of course, is famed for his comedy skits with the likes of Seth Rogan, and he writes. In fact he wrote a series of short stories back in 2010 called Palo Alto and they have now been made into a film, in which he stars as an adored-by-schoolgirls sports coach. Emma Roberts’ 14 year old character catches his eye and he seduces her. She, in the mean time, forms a liking for a boy who is on his last warning for disruptive behaviour.

The film has hit the headlines for more reasons than one after James has apparently been outed, trying to meet up with a 17 year old Scottish girl via Instagram. Whether it’s a publicity stunt or not, the story has made the trailer’s release a lot more significant than it might have been. Take a look at it below.

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