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The Amazing Spider Man 2.

The Amazing Spider Man 2.

The brand new final trailer has just launched for The Amazing Spider Man 2 starring Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker, who meets up with an old friend from boarding school, Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan). As is the tradition of all comic book movies, this acquaintance from the past is not all he seems and comes to assume the role of Spider Man’s arch enemy, the Green Goblin.

Once again Peter Parker’s love interest Gwen Stacy is played by Garfield’s off-screen girlfriend Emma Stone, making the chemistry between the two that little bit more captivating. The film indulges in its fair share of comedy too, when Harry Osborn asks Peter what he is up to these days, he replies vaguely ‘A bit of web design’. Well that tickled us! As did the fact that the film’s director is actually called Marc Webb. No we’re not joking.

The Amazing Spider Man 2 will hit UK cinemas on 18th April. Watch the brand new trailer below.

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