A Grown Up Cordial

John Gregory-Smith ON Jul 29, 2010 AT 9:19 am

Pixley Berries 2010

Pixley Berries 2010

by John Gregory-Smith

Pixley Berries make delicious blackcurrant cordials using loads of fresh fruit and not much else. They have just updated their existing range to make them taste even better.

The range consists of three lovely flavours including Blackcurrant and Ginger, Blackcurrant and Raspberry and the perfect original Blackcurrant. Unlike most cordials these ones are not made from concentrate, instead they contain over 60% fruit juice, a little water and sugar and no additives or weird preservatives.

They really do taste wicked and have a very fruity flavour compared to Ribena or another brand. If you are off the booze or bored with water they are definitely what you want to be drinking. However, if you’re not, add a splash into a glass of Prosecco, they go together really well.


Available at Waitrose with 25% off until August 3rd

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