Archer Street: My Review

Mimi ON Jan 20, 2012 AT 12:24 pm

Archer Street Ground Level

Archer Street Ground Level

I discovered Archer Street cocktail bar last year and knew it would be just the place to take team BATD for our Christmas party, they had no idea what to expect and by 11pm they were dancing on the tables, so I think they liked it!

Archer Street is tucked away in South Soho, on a road you probably wouldn’t really know unless you know Buco di Lupo, the fantastic Italian restaurant which is just opposite. Their new deli and gelateria is also just next door, so now you have a new street to explore. It is really hard to find a nice bar in Soho, no really it is!  I like to sit down, I like to be able to speak and hear the people I am out with and  yes I know I am getting old, thanks.

Archer Street have the friendliest most welcoming staff, make incredible cocktails, in a relaxed and lovely atmosphere, oh and they have singing barmen and women. Really what’s not to love?

Archer Street Lower Ground Level

Archer Street Lower Ground Level

There are two main floors to Archer Street; a smart and buzzing lounge upstairs (with decor we’d quite like in our living room please) and a slightly larger bar area downstairs that can get quite busy and turn into a dance floor, would be great for larger parties. Whatever the size of your party though, you’re bound to have a great evening here – especially if you stay late enough to witness the bar staff mic-up and give some fabulous renditions of pop/rock/theatre classics between DJ sets. The guy and girl that sang at our Christmas ‘do’ were AMAZING.

I have been reluctant to write about this bar, because I like it exactly as it is, so if you head down there, be friendly and I’ll see you there. Archer Street Wine Bar, don’t go changing, we love you just the way you are.

3-5 Archer Street,
South Soho

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