Bacardi’s White Wedding

Mimi ON Feb 02, 2011 AT 2:34 pm

White Wedding

The White Wedding Cocktail

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, BACARDI has asked top bartenders from around the country to create the perfect cocktail to share with that special someone on February 14th.

We love the sound of White Wedding, created by BACARDI’s Legacy Cocktail Competition 2010 finalist Alistair Reynolds of Hausbar,  Bristol, and think it might be just the thing to drown our sorrows with this Valentine’s Day!

White Wedding

With three drops of bitters signifying love, wealth, and happiness, this matrimonial cocktail could be the ideal accompaniment to a diamond ring…

50ml Bacardi Superior
10ml white cacao
10ml maraschino
3 drops of Angostura bitters (love, wealth and happiness)


Add all ingredients into a tumbler, stir to dilute, gradually add more ice to dilute. Garnish.

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