Black Water

Mimi ON Aug 31, 2011 AT 10:13 am

Black Water

Black Water

by John Gregory-Smith

Clear water is so last year! This summer it’s all about Black Water, a new natural minteral water, which has a complex of over seventy seven trace minerals, elements and electrolytes and the infusion of nature’s Fulvic and Humic compounds that give Black Water the clear taste of pure, fresh water.

The natural Fulvic and Humic compounds are powerful antioxidants that are naturally sourced within 80 million year old humified organic matter such as plants and soils in the North American Rockies, and it is these molecules that bind together with the clean BC fresh water that turns the water black without affecting the taste.

Available online and at Harvey Nichols Foodmarkets nationwide, Black Water is priced at £2.95 a bottle.

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