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Mimi ON May 11, 2011 AT 10:39 am

Bubbleology, the new bubble tea café

Bubbleology, the new bubble tea café

by John Gregory-Smith

Bubbleology is a very cool new bubble tea café, which has just opened on Rupert Street, in Soho.  Its very “mad science” with bubbling concoctions in the window and the most amazing automatic drinks mixer for the teas.

Bubble tea? Well bubble tea is a mix of red, green or white tea and fruit juice or milk. However, the real magic is at the bottom of the drinks – Tapioca peals. Tapioca peals are made form a potato-like starch and have the texture of a gummy bear, remember the sweets, which soaks up all the flavour of the drinks and give you the most unexpected surprise when you get one in your mouth.

The fruit tea flavours include Strawberry green tea and kumquat red tea and the milk-based flavours include coconut or vanilla.

The teas are priced at £2.95 for standard and £3.35 for extra large cups.

Bubbleology is the brainchild of Assad Khan, who has become an ambassador for the concept in the UK. He gave up his front office banking job to launch the brand, after seeing them boom in New York. It’s a very cool concept and the drinks are fantastic. With Bubble Tea’s already selling out, an instillation imminent in Harvey Nic’s, and plans to expand on the horizon, this is definitely one to watch!





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