Builder’s Tea Meets its ‘Matcha’

Mimi ON Feb 23, 2011 AT 10:21 am

Teapigs organic Matcha tea

Teapigs organic Matcha tea

By John Gregory Smith

Teapigs have just launched their latest tea and it really packs a punch. The new Matcha tea is a bright green Japanese power-tea.

Matcha has been drunk in Japan for over 900 years. It contains 137 times more antioxidants and considerably more caffeine than normal green tea, Zen Buddhist monks use it to stay awake during long meditation sessions. The benefits from drinking a cup of the green stuff include a sustained energy lift and a healthy metabolism boost, coming from the amino acids and nutrients.

The bright green powder can be mixed with water or milk for a quick hit or blended into shakes and other drinks.

Teapigs Genuine Matcha, available John Lewis Food Halls for £25 for 30g, which equates to 83p per cup.

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