Deep Gruyere Quiche (Part 1)

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Deep Gruyere Quiche

Deep Gruyere Quiche

By Sarah Adams

Oh no not another quiche! My thoughts exactly, well they were until I had the pleasure of eating a Thomas Keller quiche at his Bouchon restaurant in Yountville.

We had all finished service early due to a wedding function being held at his flagship restaurant, the French Laundry. As this is a pretty unusual occurrence for chefs on a Saturday night, Thomas treated us all to dinner at Bouchon. Taking our seats everybody was offered a choice of Coq au Vin or Steak et Frites. As a non-meat eater I asked if there was something else available and quiche was the answer. Slightly disappointed I nodded with acceptance, however when it arrived it turned out to be a colossal wedge of piping hot, cooked-to-perfection Cheese and Spinach Quiche. It was absolutely delicious and I savoured every mouthful, so here is a recipe that I hope evokes the same pleasure that I got from my meal that night! Enjoy…

Deep Gruyere Quiche - Place Baking Beans on the pastry

Deep Gruyere Quiche - Place Baking Beans on the pastry

Pro Tip: You can easily break the process into three quick stages, also a shop bought packet of short crust pastry is a handy time saver.

Ingredients: The Pastry
Makes 1 x 9 Inch tin
300g plain flour
150g butter
100g water
1 teaspoon salt

Mix the flour and salt together and add the diced cold butter, rubbing the mixture together to form bread crumbs.

Make a well and add almost all of the water. Mix together with a knife to form a ball (alternatively you can use the food processor instead of your hands)

Wrap the ball up in plastic wrap and chill for minimum 2 hours.

Pro Tip: If using bought you will need 500g of pastry for this quiche

Click here for the rest of Sarah’s recipe…

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