Dump The Lumps

Mimi ON Jan 18, 2011 AT 10:36 am

Dump The Lumps

Dump The Lumps

Lumps in the form of sugar that is! As we all know sugar is often hidden in the things we like to eat – not just the obvious cakes, biscuits and sweets, but also, and more shockingly, in the very things you think you’re eating for the good of your health. Fruit-based drinks are a good case in point with so many containing up to eight spoonfuls of added sugar!

According to leading medical nutritionist Dr Sarah Brewer it pays to fully understand the labelling as different types of sugars can often be found in different drinks ”Many manufacturers ‘big up’ their healthy contant of vitamins or fruit, but cleverly disguise the fact that their drinks have been sweetened with added pure sugar in the form of glucose or sucrose.” Dr Sarah continues: “These refined sugars have a high glycaemic index (GI) and cause a big sugar ‘spike’ which quickly tails off leaving you zapped of energy and craving more sugar”.

Feel Good Drinks co. range

Feel Good Drinks co. range

All fruits already contain fructose anyway which has a low GI and therefore have a reverse effect so it’s really unneccesary for companies to add even more sugar, and this is why Feel Good Drinks are leading the way by supporting the Dump the Lumps campaign to make us all more ‘sugar aware’ when it comes to seeing what’s really in our bottled drinks. A large box of the Feel Good Drinks range was delivered to the Beautyandthedirt offices so we could see for ourselves how refreshing and great tasting they were – so the lack of ‘bad’ sugar was really an added bonus.

The Feel Good Drinks co

The Feel Good Drinks co.

The range comes in glass bottles (far better for the environment) and a range of flavours including (in still water) cloudy lemon, orange & mango and apple & blueberry. In sparkling versions look out for our favourites cloudy lemon, orange & passionfruit and cranberry & lime – yummy!

So if you want an easy way to cut out the sugar for a healthy start to the year then you can’t go wrong by looking out for Feel Good drinks, available from supermarkets and a wide range of other outlets. For further information on the company and the drinks range visit Feel Good Drinks.

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