Eight-Legged Eviction

BATD ON Oct 22, 2009 AT 9:36 am

Mrs. White's Leg It

Mrs. White's Leg It

Spidery lashes? Yes, please. Spider web lace as an accessory? Absolutely. Incy Wincy Spider as a game with the small people in our lives? Such fun. Real spiders? No, and no again. The only hairy monster we can really tolerate is Justin Lee Collins. This year has seen a bumper crop of extra-huge spiders thanks to warm and damp conditions, but even with Halloween approaching we just can’t embrace our eight-legged friends as anything other than unwelcome guests.

Tough luck for the spiders then that we’ve discovered Mrs. White’s Leg-It, £15: a natural deterrent that contains chestnut oil (spiders can’t stand chestnuts – who knew?) and sprayed around window sills and doorways or in those dark, dark corners, makes spiders want to live elsewhere. Say bye bye, Itsy and Bitsy and visit: www.roullierwhite.com.

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