Experimental Winter Warmers

Mimi ON Nov 04, 2011 AT 2:17 pm

Requiem for a Drink and Redneck Flip

Requiem for a Drink and Redneck Flip

By John Gregory-Smith

The über cool Experimental Cocktail Club, aka a doorway in China Town, has announced its new cocktail menu for the Winter season.

The new menu includes some ingeniously named cocktails such as ‘Requiem for a Drink’, which contains a warm Pierre Ferrand Ambre Cognac along with the Mozart dark chocolate liqueur to compliment the ominous label.

Be sure to check out the highly anticipated ‘Redneck Flip’, a true concoction of ingredients that includes everything one would need to create a traditional meal in southern USA, including dessert. The fusion of Budweiser & Marshmallow syrup, Buffalo Trace Bourbon…and a whole egg, will undoubtedly spur on many to try this curious cocktail.


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