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Mimi ON Aug 02, 2010 AT 9:33 am

Presdat Chocolate Bars

Prestat Chocolate Bars

Prestat chocolatier have launched a new range of very indulgent chocolate bars; white chocolate with Madagascan vanilla, milk chocolate and two dark chocolate bars, 71% coco and a madly dark 80% coco chocolate bar. The bars retail for £1.80 – £2.00.

The brightly packaged chocolate bars use amazing coco beans sourced from Sao Tome, Ghana and Tanzania. We are talking high quality stuff and you can taste the difference immediately; the flavours are really intense and the chocolate is so smooth. My favourite was the milk chocolate it was perfect and melts in your mouth straight away. 

Prestat are chocolatier to the Queen so their standards are high. They are committed to providing their coco farmers with the best possible prices. Under their own scheme, ESOKO, they provide their farmers with local and international commodity prices so they can get the best deal for the delicious crop.

If it is good enough for HRH it must surely be good enough for us too?!

Prestat, 14 Princes Arcade, Piccadilly, London

Also available Harrods, Liberty, John Lewis, Waitrose and The Caviar House

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