Food Secrets in Soho

BATD ON Aug 11, 2010 AT 3:34 pm

Food Secrets

Food Secrets

By John Gregory-Smith

I was in Soho last week for lunch and was feeling a little delicate, after a few too many drinks the night before. I decided the cure was to eat myself better and I headed to Food Secrets on Broadwick Street. It was exactly what a needed, a mecca to all things fresh and healthy, bursting with delicious soups, sandwiches and salads.

Food Secrets is a new concept sandwich bar aimed at the health conscious or really anyone who likes eating fresh, tasty food. You can order from a pre-made selection or construct the perfect sandwich, soup or salad, to go or stay. They have a really good choice and once you get your head round the order process, which is pretty easy to be fair, especially if you’re not hungover, the food comes really quickly.

As well as receiving your delicious food you are also given a nutritional breakdown of your soup/sandwich/salad. This means you can add more of less of anything and when you’re done you know exactly what’s in your food. I know this might sound quite fussy but I like having the choice to know exactly what’s in the food I am eating, especially if it’s made for me and if it’s something I would eat regularly. I had a lovely wild rice salad with chicken, asparagus and a pesto dressing, which came in at 467 calories and restored me back to health, well that and a rather lovely chocolate brownie!

Food Secrets, Broadwick Street, Soho

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