Godiva’s Valentine’s Chocolates

Mimi ON Jan 31, 2011 AT 9:27 am

Cœurs Duo chocolates

Cœurs Duo chocolates

By John Gregory-Smith

Check our Godiva’s beautiful new Cœurs Duo chocolates. Each wonderfully distinctive chocolate features a delicious double filling of varied fruits and nuts and a dual-coloured chocolate shell. Each Cœurs Duo chocolate melts in the mouth to reveal a marriage of two fruity, nutty chocolate personalities in:

Cœur Duo Strawberry – Gianduja: a sweet strawberry ganache enrobed in milk chocolate, paired with a Gianduja cream covered in white chocolate. The chocolate is lovingly hand-decorated with an elegant red chocolate heart.

Cœur Duo Strawberry – Hazelnut: rich strawberry ganache in a dark chocolate shell partnered with a smooth hazelnut praliné covered with rosey red white chocolate.

Cœur Duo Apple – Almond: a fresh apple ganache hidden inside a milk chocolate shell balanced with a light almond butter in pastel green white chocolate.

Cœur Duo Black Raspberry – Pistachio: a devilishly dark black raspberry ganache coated in milk chocolate doubled with a pistachio praliné in a delicate purple white chocolate shell.

Cœur Duo Banana – Hazelnut: a fine banana ganache enrobed in dark chocolate and paired with a delectable hazelnut praliné in white chocolate.

For Godiva stockists please call 0207 734 8113 or visit www.godiva.be

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