Green & Black’s New Taste Assistant

Mimi ON May 09, 2011 AT 9:01 am


Chocoholic's Dream Job

Green & Black have ended the search for their Taste Assistant position (a job the entire office is jealous of) after the response was overwhelming – over three thousand people applied for the enviable role from all over the world. From milkmen to hypnotists and scientists to chefs, people were clamouring to get their hands on this dream job – tasting and creating new flavours for Green & Black’s.

It took more than 8 weeks to sort through the challenging entry forms and entrants were then further whittled down via intense interviews and a rigorous taste test – think Masterchef meets the Apprentice! And now the winner has been announced as one William Leigh!

“The final stage of the process was a cook off challenge, and I had to create a single dish that I thought represented Green & Black’s Fairtrade and Organic ethics… and I only had an hour in which to do it! It was very challenging to put your entire life on a single plate but I kept it really simple. I didn’t want to do something complicated or show off, I just wanted to create something that would be really delicious and the sort of thing I would love to eat. So, I used two of the Green & Black’s chocolates – the Milk and Dark 70% and made a ganache – with a sea salt caramel and hazelnut crumble to add a bit of final pizzazz, texture and crunch!” (Note William was the only contestant to base a dish on chocolate!)

When asked about how he applied for the position winner William Leigh said, “I was working as a food writer at the time when I read about the role and I just knew it was an incredible opportunity. Chocolate is one of my two favourite foods. I have always loved creating recipes and experimenting with food combinations so it seemed natural for me to apply for the job!”

The 32 year old writer has beaten out thousands of hopefuls to land the chocoholic’s dream job and he couldn’t feel more lucky. William has stated, “It’s unreal! I get to do something I love everyday – make chocolate and work with really great ingredients.”

Jealous. Much.

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