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BATD ON Apr 14, 2010 AT 1:39 pm

Sarah Adams - Cake Editor

By Sarah Adams 
Welcome to the beginning of my new weekly Dessert Column, ‘Thank Cake It’s Friday’!

As a Pastry Chef I am passionate about desserts… especially cakes!
I’m constantly on the look-out for new and exciting flavour combinations as well as new methods of preparation. So my aim is to translate my cake-fascination to you, bringing you my favourite recipes and tips and helping you impress yourself, as well as your friends, with some mouth-watering concoctions.
I’m sure I’ll get to know you all in the future, but I feel you should know a little of my history before you trust my instruction!
Having worked in a top restaurant in Auckland, New Zealand in 2001, I moved back to the UK in 2003 to start my career as a Chef in the highly acclaimed vegetarian restaurant Terre à Terre. It was here that I gained my Patisserie and Confectionary qualification and went on to work at The Real Patisserie in Brighton. Cake decorating became my passion and as a result, led me to study the Art of Sugar Craft and Cake Design awarding me the City and Guilds qualification.

Start looking forward to yummy recipes!

During the past three years I have been working in three Michelin starred restaurants in England and the US. I’ve worked with some of the best Pastry chefs in the world and it was from them that I’ve perfected all sorts of exciting and ground-breaking techniques, gained inspiration for my recipes and learnt that pushing the boundaries can definitely pay-off.
I hope you enjoy my recipes as much as I do and I’d love to hear any feedback you may have.
Sarah x
Sarah’s column ‘Thank Cake It’s Friday’ will be published every Friday giving you time to print the recipies off at work for some serious hosting over the weekend. 
Look out for this week’s recipe: Rhubarb Compote, Grande Marnier Sabayon with Ginger Madelines.
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