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John Gregory-Smith ON Apr 26, 2010 AT 9:13 am

Letterbox Chocolates

By John Gregory-Smith

Cards have never been a massive favorite of mine, giving or receiving; they are just not that great. You either buy one and post it, or get one and chuck it… brilliant?!

Well the clever people at Letter Box Chocolates have come up with a very good idea; a card that is also a tray of delicious Belgium chocolates. What could be better?

You simply log onto their site, www.letterboxchocolate.com, choose the card you want from their collection, write your message and they post it for you. Each card/box of choc’s costs £8.99 (which is not much considering the cost of most cards, well decent ones) and can be delivered from as little as £1 in the UK.

Not bad I say! Feel free to send me some whenever you want!

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The clever cards are available at WH Smith, Fenwick’s and Beales. Or you can order online at www.letterboxchocolate.com

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