Lola’s World Cupcake-Off

John Gregory-Smith ON Jun 10, 2010 AT 5:03 pm

Lola's World Cupcake-Off

Lola's World Cupcake-Off

By John Gregory-Smith

Lola’s, the fancy cupcake maker, are doing their very own cupcake tribute to the World Cup.

They have devised a flavour for each of the teams and will be holding a “cupcake-off” on match days between the two flavours, the winner will then go on to the next round in a blaze of glory.

Matches will be held at their Mayfair store and Selfridges London.

Where will you be on June 12th when Sticky Toffee Pudding (England) takes on the Whoopie Pie Cupcake (America)?

For more information or to place an order call 020 7483 3394

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