Malay Pop Up @ Suka

Mimi ON Nov 14, 2011 AT 3:36 pm

Malay Pop Up @ Suka

Malay Pop Up @ Suka

by John Gregory-Smith

Suka at the Sanderson has just launched a new menu inspired by Malaysian street food. It’s not the most authentic offering, but it works perfectly for the lively restaurant that surrounds the buzzing Sanderson light Bar. The menu is has loads of different dishes that are perfect for sharing, but thankfully are more substantial in size than the typical “shard plates”. The cocktail are killer – check out the lemongrass and cinnamon Martini!

Suka, at the Sanderson, has announced the launch of a ‘pop-up’ Malay street-food inspired menu. The new menu, which will be available for a limited time only, provides a culinary journey through the street-food capitals of Kuala Lumpur, Penang, and Tawau.

Lunch options includes the famous dish Nasi Lemak – coconut rice, Sambal sauce, crispy anchovies, fried tofu and egg and cucumber salad, served with choice mains such as Sarawak Black Pepper Chicken or Vegetable Lodeh and a spicy Malaysian vegetable curry (ranging £8 to £15).

I was lucky enough to try a few dishes from the menu. Highlights included the  Delicious AYAM GORENG LADA HITAM – wok fried baby chicken, coriander and black pepper sauce (£15); SOTONG GORENG – crispy squid, coriander, ginger and green peppercorn, which was cooked to perfection and peppery sweet in flavour. (£10) and Kapitan Kambing (£12), Portuguese influenced spicy lamb and potato curry in a rich coconut sauce.

Desserts were mainly fruits and sorbets, which were all the perfect palette cleansers. Watch out for the basil sorbet, which is served with the pineapple carpaccio, it’s amazing!

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