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John Gregory-Smith ON Aug 04, 2009 AT 9:38 am

Cadbury Dairy Milk Now Fairtrade

Cadbury Dairy Milk Now Fairtrade

If there was ever a reason to go and buy more chocolate this is a good one. Cadbury Dairy Milk is now officially Fairtrade so the more you eat the more you are making a real difference to cocoa farmers in Ghana.

Harriet Lamb from Fairtrade says, “Growing cocoa is very hard work for little return and farmers need Fairtrade now more than ever.  Cadbury Dairy Milk going Fairtrade triples the amount of cocoa from Ghana that will be sold on Fairtrade terms and opens more doors to more farmers to enable them to meet the needs of their communities, investing in their farms, or in clean drinking water or in schools.”

The Fairtrade certification also includes Cadbury’s hot chocolate beverages; Highlights and Hot Choc ChunksCadbury Dairy Milk (RRP £0.49 for 49g bar) with Fairtrade certification will be on shelves from the beginning of August so get eating and make a difference.

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