Now Open For Dim Sum Business

John Gregory-Smith ON Aug 02, 2010 AT 9:05 am

Now Takeout

Now Takeout

By John Gregory-Smith

NOW has opened on Liverpool Street, opposite the station, serving up my favourite Chinese food Dim Sum. It’s a takeout joint that serves everything from breakfast porridge and tea to the more traditional dim sum we know and love. They also have loads of lovely fresh salads and sweet puddings.

The Dim Sum includes soft cloud like steamed buns filled with pork or a more English ham and cheese version, silky smooth steamed dumplings stuffed with either meat, seafood or vegetables, crispy prawn balls and hoi sin duck rolls. There are loads on offer and with prices starting from 99p it’s well worth it.

Plus it’s very cool inside. They have a few seats where you can chill and read the paper whist you tuck into you delicious dim sum. However they have designed very clever little take out baskets, which will keep you dim sum perfectly warm whilst you hurry back to you desk! Just another excuse to get out on your lunchbreak!

22-23 Liverpool Street, London

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