Paloma Faith Wears… Tia Maria?!

Mimi ON May 20, 2011 AT 2:58 pm

Paloma Faith for Tia Maria

Paloma Faith for Tia Maria

To help Tia Maria find the next “face of Tia Maria,” Paloma Faith is appearing in multiple photo and Facebook promotions for an online competition the brand is holding. She even went as far as to wear a dress made entirely of Tia Maria alcohol (bet that got messy…?)

We aren’t sure what the physics are behind this liquid dress, but it definitely looks cool…

Faith is also contributing to the selection process of the final candidate. When asked what the perfect Tia Maria woman would be like for, she stated the following: “They are after a woman who embodies sophistication and I’m looking for someone who still maintains that playful edge with it… Someone who is themselves, and comfortable in their own skin.”

Even if you aren’t quite “comfortable” enough to wear a Tia Maria dress like Faith, you can still shine in the competition – see more information here

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