Perfect Little Pork Sausages

Mimi ON Mar 28, 2011 AT 9:24 am

Ellie and Roddy’s Perfect Little Pork Sausages

Ellie and Roddy’s Perfect Little Pork Sausages

by John Gregory-Smith

I love a success story, even if it happens to be two teenagers that make us all look lazy! Brother and sister team Ellie and Roddy have followed in their parents footsteps and developed a new range of perfectly balanced sausages for children; Ellie and Roddy’s Perfect Little Pork Sausages.

Ellie and Roddy approached their parents, who make Debbie and Andrew’s Sausages, with the idea to produce their own range of sausages that used all the same ingredients as their parents, but were smaller and contained less fat and salt.  Ellie and Roddy got cracking and developed the perfect mini banger. The trial batch went on sale in 2009 in a few local stores.  Customer demand was so high that a little know supermarket called Tesco decided to stock them nationwide!!

Being an independent food producer is extremely hard. You are always competing with the big boys and constantly at the mercy of the supermarkets. I am delighted that such a quality product has been recognised by a huge supermarket due to customer demand. Well done Ellie and Roddy keep up the good work.

Now let’s all show our support and get buying these lovely little sausages, which are perfect for kids and grown up snacks.

Ellie and Roddy’s Perfect Little Pork Sausages are available from Tesco stores nationwide. £1.99 per pack.

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