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Mimi ON Dec 01, 2010 AT 9:30 am

Pizza Express sauces

Pizza Express sauces

By John Gregory Smith

Pizza Express is a guilty pleasure of so many friends of mine; you just know where you stand every time. I am thrilled to inform those involved – you know who you are - that Pizza Express has just launched a new range of take-home paste sauces.

The delicious flavours include tomato & basil, chilli & garlic and finally pancetta, bacon & garlic. All are made by an artisan supplier in southern Italy who uses using regional Italian ingredients. They are all free from anything artificial and contain no added sugar. 

I am pleased to say the new sauces are as much of a safe bet as the Pizza Express pizzas themselves. You won’t be disappointed.

Pizza Express Pasta Sauces £1.99 from Tesco nationwide

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