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John Gregory-Smith ON May 19, 2010 AT 12:27 pm

Retro Slush Machine

Retro Slush Machine

By John Gregory-Smith

Do you remember Slush Puppy drinks? You know the ones, from those American machines in corner shops with a spinning cup and a dog licking his lips… Well they’re back courtesy of Giles & Posner’s!

The Retro Slush Machine by Giles & Posner’s creates those lip smackingly good drinks whenever you want, at the touch of a button. Simply add ice and fruit (or some of those mad E numbered flavourings)! You could even add a touch of alcohol to the mix as we’re not at school anymore…

Bring on the Frozen Margueritas!

Giles & Posner’s New Retro Slush Machine retails at £49.99.

For stockists or online orders visit

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