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Constellation Cakes

Constellation Cakes

By Sarah Adams

Sounds a pit posh doesn’t it! Actually I think I was having a bit of a throw-back to the 60’s! I feel they are more retro than regent! They are definitely delicious and just the right size to be a small afternoon treat. They will definitely be the star of the show, (I know)!


You will need an A4 size tin lined on the bottom, it does not need to be typical cake tin.

Constellation Cakes

Take your cake and cut stars out, now slice these in half horizontally.

175g self raising flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
¼ teaspoon salt
175g golden caster sugar
175g un-salted butter (room temperature)
3 large eggs
1 vanilla pod or 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Preheat the oven to 180˚C / gas 4 and have your tin ready.

Place all of the dry including the vanilla seeds in to a bowl and mix thoroughly.

Dot in the butter and one of the eggs and beat for 1 and half minutes.

Add in the other 2 eggs and beat to combine.

Place into your tin and make the top level

Constellation Cakes

Pipe in each of the corners of the base of each star

Bake for 30 minutes or until a skewer comes out clean.

Cool on a rack for 10 minutes and then turn it out to cool completely.

Pro Tip: If stars are not your thing, use any cookie cutter you like!

For the Buttercream:
75g butter
175g icing sugar
4 tablespoons ready made custard
½ teaspoon vanilla extract
7 tablespoons strawberry jam

Pro Tip: Have the butter at room temperature before you use it.

Constellation Cakes

Constellation Cakes

Place everything into a bowl apart from the jam and beat for 8-10mins.

Stop once you have a smooth, aerated buttercream.

Take your cake and cut stars out, now slice these in half horizontally.

Place the buttercream into a piping bag with a star nozzle and pipe in each of the corners of the base of each star.

Now put the tops back on the cakes and pipe on the top too.

A spoon of jam in the centre and you are done!


Sarah has her own website and custom makes cakes to suit every style, taste and dietary requirement; So if you need a cake for a big event or touching gift, visit her website and place your order!

Sarah Adams © 2011

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