Thé de GaGa

BATD ON Jul 22, 2010 AT 11:23 am

Lady GaGa with her infamous teacup

Lady GaGa with her infamous teacup

How would you like to taste Lady GaGa?

Lady GaGa is in the midst of a bidding war to become the face of a famous tea brand. She has been offered deals with two companies but is reportedly close to signing with Twinings. GaGa is recognizably a tea lover, once creating a stir over leaving her favorite tea cup in the Metropolitan Hotel and paying a taxi driver to go back and get it!

Twinings is said to have offered GaGa a multi-million pound contract to promote their tea by putting her face on it. The idea is to have tasting sessions in which she would participate, and names like Taste of GaGa are already being talked about.

The goal is to make drinking tea cool again, especially in America. If anyone can do that, it’s Lady GaGa!

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