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Mimi ON Nov 18, 2010 AT 1:17 pm

Fever Tree Mediterranean tonics

Fever Tree Mediterranean tonics

by John Gregory Smith 

Fever Tree have just launched their rather delicious Mediterranean tonics. They are the perfect mixer for any premium spirit and taste delicious on their own. The clear tonic has a daylight blue hue from the pure natural quinine and has the lovely aromas of thyme, fresh citrus and rosemary. 

The very cool founder Tim Warrillow discovered quinine whilst researching drinks in the British Library. Fever Tree, named after the sauce of the quinine (a Fever Tree that grows in East Congo) was born and is the only drinks company working with the last remaining plantation.

The drinks have been a runaway success, playing on the increase in demand for premium spirits – if you’re going to spend a load of cash on an amazing Vodka why not get a premium mixer that’s going to enhance the whole drinking experience. They have even used clever old science to produce highly carbonated tonics that have small champagne-style bubbles, which help the drinks hold their fizz for longer – meaning even more flavour!

Fever Tree drinks are so good that Farron Adria of El Bulli restaurant in Spain made an iced dessert using them. An amazing accolade from such a big player in the foodie world!

It’s always a pleasure to see an independent brand doing so well. The new Mediterranean tonics are available exclusively at Waitrose stores nationwide priced £2.99 for 4 200ml tonics.

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