To Bieber Or Not To Bieber?

BATD ON Mar 17, 2010 AT 11:20 am

Justin Bieber

That is the question on everyone’s minds these days. We all know the Canadian youngster is clearly making a splash, but it’s easy to get caught up in the Bieber Fever, as the singer has so humbly dubbed it. We’ve compiled some things to consider when choosing to be (or not to be) a fan of Mr. Justin Bieber.

First off, the 16-year-old pop sensation is obviously talented. When is comes to selling songs, that is. He is the first artist to have every single song from his debut album make it into the Top 100, and while he was at it, he also became the first artist to have his first four singles hit the Top 40 before his album was even released! Now that’s what I call good advertising.

Second, he is taking over Twitter like a pro. Averaging 11,000 new followers per day, according to Perez Hilton, he is also more often than not a trending topic. Someone better tell Ashton Kutcher to watch out! Meanwhile, he is reaching out to his older audiences (that he obviously has) by performing on QVC. This kid sure knows how to make himself present.

Third, Mr. Bieber is not afraid to make his feelings known. While he is said to be friends with teen icon Selena Gomez and country sensation Taylor Swift, Bieber has made it clear that one Miley Cyrus is not for him. In an interview, while Gomez received an “I think she is a cutie,” all Cyrus got was “She’s nice.” Looks like that is a teen couple not waiting to happen.

Last but not least, Bieber is just plain adorable. While he may exemplify all of the not-so-charming qualities of the teen icon that he is, the need for a good haircut not withstanding, he does have something about him that makes us smile. Although, it might actually just be his single U Smile.

In any case, we’ve given you our thoughts, and hope they make your decision a little easier!

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